*Eye* Have experienced the power of Asking Questions & Seeking Honestly with Intentions. Our Lives can change the moment we desire with our heart and mind. It could be a thought, a written note… a seeking of something… and Magic Happens to bring us answers.

*Eye* Believe in a Living Existence that Is Us & All Around Us; some call it Divinity or Spirit; and I see such Existence in the Presence of Nature. I See Nature as a Spirit of Aliveness.

This Consciousness, Connection & Intelligence is at the intersection of Science & Spirit. A Living Presence that we can learn to understand and bring more fully into our life through the choices we make and intentions we implement.

*Eye* Trust & Experience that We Are Conscious Creators Living among this World & Beyond.

On our journeys We can Choose Wholistic Wellness in Mind, Emotions, Body & Spiritual Gratitude. We can Choose Vitality & a Consiously Engaged Life that Embraces “Spirit of Aliveness”.

Thankyou for looking into life with an open heart and inquiring mind.

Welcome to This Journey of Exploration & Self Discovery: A Journey that Embraces Understandings of Unity, Passion, Potential & Celebrating Diverse Cultures.

After all, although there are many stories; there is ONE Shared Story.

Eye Believe in The Good & Making time to Dream.

Eye Believe in Consciously Creating Our Reality & World.

We Have The Power & We Came To Thrive.

Eye Believe in Potential

EYE BELIEVE in Living Dreams

My Dream Began with an Ignition; Writing Poetry, Getting Honest with my Intentions

It was fueled with inspiration and happenenings that I believed in, and opened myself to.

Today, I feel Empowered to Share What I have come to understand about the world, the awesomeness and profoundness of the Universe; and what it means to Live and Believe in, A Dream

4 The World of One Dream: Ignite with Passion & Live Inspirationally, 4 the Empowerment of Ourself, and Eachother


We began with a vision of:

United in Culture & Universal REALities

  • UC --> UR (You See; You ARE)… (among a spiritual world… energy moves…. you have the power….)
  • As we developed, we became EYE TO THE WORLD, with a message of unity in that we have the power to create and live the life of our dreams!

We are all about:

Seizing Mastery of Intentions; and Fulfilling Our Lives Through Health in Body, Mind, Spirit & Reverence for Aliveness