To share some insight into my Dream as an Artist who Loves experiencing Life in ways that allow me to Feel Alive;

I Love the Challenge and Deepening Experience of Bringing A Role to Life.

I take the Experience of Collaboration for a Film Production Role to Heart and Value the Opportunity to work with a Director. I appreciate being on set with Passionate Collaborators, Artist's & Visionaries. I Loving being a part of intriguing and powerful Storytelling.

Sharing Stories can be inspiring and uplifting. They can be powerful and encouraging. I have found that life is a transformational journey of going deeper, becoming more content with where I am, listening to inner wisdom, and indeed, to Enjoy The Ride. Its a challenge, and its triumphant. Its a wild ride, and one that we get to choose how wild we make it. Wild can be inner, reflective and outer world adventures. It is all experience, and it is wonderful to think about our ability to live life’s moments, while also enjoying the stories of other peoples lives. Perhaps thats why I love moviemaking; we get to have senses of lives other than our own, and we get to do so in a way that brings us….experiencing life from expanded levels.

Through it All….

Eye am passionate about inspiring the understanding that: We Are The Power & We Came To Thrive! The Universe is Alive, the world of Nature if Alive, We are Energetic Beings and Creative Minds in Motion, tapping into this wondrous WOW of what it all Is. To ponder, brings me wonder and awe, gratefulness and true thankfulness for being among the beautiful of this majestic, magnificent world that has me loving and wanting more.

I’m delighted to have you join in the exciting ‘Ultimate Adventure Quest’ that IS This Journey we call Life. ThankYou for Being Here.

EYE Believe