Biography of Jocelyn Anna Lernout

Jocelyn received a degree in Psychology and English with focus on Social Education and Psychology of Religion. Upon completing her formal education, she began traveling with a camera in hand, creating short films, ‘Into The Future of Education: 2020’, in 2007 and ‘Into Understanding’, in 2009. She moved to Vancouver, British Columbia from 2009-2011 where she studied indigenous cultural heritage and filmmaking while making the short film ‘A World of Culture’, inspired by the 2010 Olympic Games before returning to live in Ontario to compete in the 2011 Miss Universe Canada pageant.

Jocelyn began focusing on acting in 2011 while working with children and developing the initiative, ‘Eye To The World’.

She is writing and developing feature films with a focus on fairy-tale and period piece stories that have the ambition to ignite and inspire the heart, soul and mind.

In addition to these career ambitions, Jocelyn is a passionate researcher who has loved to learn about ancient wisdom traditions and religion and culture to gain a more fully rounded understanding of who we are and where we have come from as the shared journey of humanity.

She has found inspiration through our connection with nature and describes nature, and consciousness, as a ‘Spirit of Aliveness’.

“The Loving All of Everything is Omnipresently here, Alive as Consciousness, and especially expressed, through Living Nature”.