We Came To Thrive

~Conscious Vitality~ is Our Power

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An Ultimate Adventure Quest for Living Vitality: A Fully Alive Life worth Living

Welcome to Our Journey of Living ~CONSCIOUS VITALITY~

We Value Learning how to Make Choices for the betterment of ourselves and the world; for they are interconnected. How we show up in our lives, is part of co-creating the world around us.

We Value Being Aware of the state of our mind, emotions, intentions and therefore passions, and health in all aspects of what it means to BE ALive.

We Choose to Be Inspired & Empowered so we can Ignite, Inspire & Empower All, among living our Journey; Our Ultimate Adventure Quest for Life Worth Living.

It’s a Magical World….Embrace it & Make it count :)

Our Motto is to Live with Awe, Wonder & Gratitude so we Cherish this Adventure & Treasure we call Life.

Our Vision is to IGNITE. INSPIRE & EMPOWER * Self discovery for exploring passion and believing in our ability to live our Dreams while consciously caring for the health of our mind, body, spirit and emotions of ourselves and all we get to share our understandings with. Our vision is of a world where we create a world that honours all living things, as we live in reverence for * Spirit of Aliveness *; the Unity of our Conscious, Thriving, Living Beingness.

Our Philosophy is that "We Have the Power & We Came To Thrive.” If we make time to tap into our thoughts, open ourselves to insight, and learn to explore and develop our honest intentions, we can create & envision the life we want to live.

Our Mission is to help Empower you to Believe in your power to Dream while encouraging a wholesome perspective of Appreciation for the ‘Beautiful world of Aliveness’ we live in. * The World is for the Living* so Lets Embrace this opportunity to feel Energized, Passionate and ALIVE!

We came to do much more than survive; WE CAME TO THRIVE!

~ We Choose to Live prosperously happy and grateful for all that is us and around us.



Live a Life of Conscious Vitality: The Vibrant Aliveness of Living Passionately and Intentionally; understanding and realizing the potential in Health for Mind, Body, Spirit, Emotions and Passions.

We have the Power to Choose & Create Wellness in our Lives.

We are Co-Creators among this Abundant, Thriving, Living World!

Let us Celebrate and Embrace Who We Are.

Have you been awed by the Stars Lately? Have you seen the Galaxy of Stars? Where Science and Spirit Connect; We can realize; We are Co-Creative Beings; in tune with a magnificent existence.

Explore, Ask Questions: Discover Your Self

Embrace The Journey with Gratitude & Acceptance

Believe in, and Experience: Living Dreams in The Living World

*Eye* Have experienced the power of Asking Questions & Seeking Honestly with Intentions. Our Lives can change the moment we desire with our heart and mind. It could be a thought, a written note… a seeking of something… and Magic Happens to bring us answers.

*Eye* Believe in a Living Existence that Is Us & All Around Us; some call it Divinity or Spirit; and I see such Existence in the Presence of Nature. I See Nature as a Spirit of Aliveness.

This Consciousness, Connection & Intelligence is at the intersection of Science & Spirit. A Living Presence that we can learn to understand and bring more fully into our life through the choices we make and intentions we implement.

*Eye* Trust & Experience that We Are Conscious Creators Living among this World & Beyond.

On our journeys We can Choose Wholistic Wellness in Mind, Emotions, Body & Spiritual Gratitude. We can Choose Vitality & a Consiously Engaged Life that Embraces “Spirit of Aliveness”.

Thankyou for looking into life with an open heart and inquiring mind.

Welcome to This Journey of Exploration & Self Discovery: A Journey that Embraces Understandings of Unity, Passion, Potential & Celebrating Diverse Cultures.

After all, although there are many stories; there is ONE Shared Story.

Eye Believe in The Good & Making time to Dream.

Eye Believe in Consciously Creating Our Reality & World.

We Have The Power & We Came To Thrive.

Biography of Jocelyn Anna Lernout

Jocelyn is a passionate researcher who has loved to learn about ancient wisdom traditions and religion and culture to gain a more fully rounded understanding of who we are and where we have come from as the shared journey of humanity. She received a degree in Psychology and English with focus on Social Education and Psychology of Religion.

Along the way she has discovered an essence at the heart of ourselves, that is both inspiring and life changing.

She has found inspiration through our connection with nature and describes nature, and consciousness, as a ‘Spirit of Aliveness’ that she feels is Divinity, Divine Intelligence, our Creator, God.

“The Loving All of Everything is Omnipresently here, Alive as Consciousness, and especially expressed, through Living Nature”. -JAL

Jocelyn states that, “It is this feeling that makes me even more excited and dearly grateful for the potential of the healing power of plant and nutritional medicine. It is Divinity at work; naturally intelligent, knowing how to feed, heal and rejuvinate our cells”. -JAL

Since discovering essential oils, She is delighted to learn about the healing properties and benefits. Ofcourse, the quality has to be respected. (Only work with oils you trust, and are tested, when using in manners of health).

Welcome to our healing journey together. A conscious quest to live our heart, soul, mind and emotions; connected in unity.

In addition to the passion she feels for promoting awareness and benefits of essential oils, Jocelyn is the author of the Coming book Series ‘Eye To The World’.

After receiving her Psychology degree, she began to realize that, alongside her passion for igniting spiritual journeys, her dreams are dedicated to the world of film, movie and music storytelling while establishing a Foundation for Educating; especially, children, youth, young adults and Mothers, so that we can become passionate about exploring and discovering who we truly are; by realizing that WE Have the Power.

Jocelyn has a heart for exciting others to embrace a spiritual journey that brings with it; beautiful fascination and gratitude for the world in which we live while seeking and discovering honour for the cosmos.

“There is so much to learn, and be excited about. We are Alive and surrounded by a Living Existence that we can be part of in magical ways”. -JAL

Jocelyn was Born in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada and moved to Chatham-Kent, Ontario in grade 3 where she was cast as Goldilocks in 'Goldilocks and the 3 bears'.
With her family of 7, she grew up at a country home on the Thames River.
She experienced highschool and post university life in Chatham, and moved to Vancouver, British Columbia in the end of December, 2008 where she travelled across Canada, to the west coast to pursue her dream: embracing the Olympics as an opportunity to discover stories that would allow her to reach the world.
In 2014 she continued exploring her passion of experiencing and capturing worldly-cultural events through the lens of a camera by attending the FIFA games in Brazil. She LOVEs the vibe and exhilaration of people from around the world, meeting and celebrating a common passion.... “it puts you in touch with our humanity”.

She respects the understanding, 'unity in diversity' while being a visionary optimist for encouraging our ability to inspire and ignite a life of our highest visionary Potential.

Welcome. I am grateful to have you join us. Eye to the World is all about Inspiration & Empowerment as well as Celebration of Diverse Culture and Realizing our Dreams. I am pleased to Welcome you to Our Journey together. A Journey where we learn about the world and are inspired by Universal Wonder & what it can mean to Dream.

A place where we opt to be ignited to Believe in Who We Love to Be and acknowledge that we can be healthy in all aspects of what it means to be Alive. You see, Life is about Living. Living In the Moment, and ideally, WITH MEANING. With
Reverence and Respect for Life and the fragrance of valuing the present moment and opportunities that arise.

"WE CAME TO THRIVE! .... So BE INSPIRED. IGNITE. INSPIRE. EMPOWER, Let's Embrace the Adventure of Realizing; a Fully Alive Life Worth Living" -JAL

Life is an Adventure, so lets make the most of this opportunity; to not merely survive, but to THRIVE.

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To share some insight into my Dream as an Artist who Loves experiencing Life in ways that allow me to Feel Alive;

I Love the Challenge and Deepening Experience of Bringing A Role to Life.

I take the Experience of Collaboration for a Film Production Role to Heart and Value the Opportunity to work with a Director. I appreciate being on set with Passionate Collaborators, Artist's & Visionaries. I Loving being a part of intriguing and powerful Storytelling.

Sharing Stories can be inspiring and uplifting. They can be powerful and encouraging. I have found that life is a transformational journey of going deeper, becoming more content with where I am, listening to inner wisdom, and indeed, to Enjoy The Ride. Its a challenge, and its triumphant. Its a wild ride, and one that we get to choose how wild we make it. Wild can be inner, reflective and outer world adventures. It is all experience, and it is wonderful to think about our ability to live life’s moments, while also enjoying the stories of other peoples lives. Perhaps thats why I love moviemaking; we get to have senses of lives other than our own, and we get to do so in a way that brings us….experiencing life from expanded levels.

Through it All….

Eye am passionate about inspiring the understanding that: We Are The Power & We Came To Thrive! The Universe is Alive, the world of Nature if Alive, We are Energetic Beings and Creative Minds in Motion, tapping into this wondrous WOW of what it all Is. To ponder, brings me wonder and awe, gratefulness and true thankfulness for being among the beautiful of this majestic, magnificent world that has me loving and wanting more.

I’m delighted to have you join in the exciting ‘Ultimate Adventure Quest’ that IS This Journey we call Life. ThankYou for Being Here.

As a Visionary Optimist, Actress, Filmmaker, Interviewer and Motivator for *Self Discovery * Reflective Intentions & * Living Dreams; Eye Love both sides of the Camera and am dedicated to sharing my work through Movies and Films that share insight into World Cultures and inspire appreciation for our shared journey of humanity.

Through it all, I am excited to play roles with beautiful costumes and eye catching editing styles, while also having Passion for Writing & Making period piece & Fairytale-Dreamworld Movies that Encourage Remembrance of Who We Are, so we can Be Inspired to explore & declare who we desire to be in this world!

Among it all, EYE Believe in the POWER of Imagination & Eye Believe that Dreams are Real and Fairytales Come True! So I encourage you to Embrace your Passions and discover how you can live and contribute to our Co-Creative Vision of the World. Eye Am an Optimist and Believe in Our ability to Rise to the occasion. Eye believe in the Good. Eye believe in You! & The World Awaits your Message.

As Eye Live my Passions….Eye Am passionate about inspiring inner reflection and self discovery among this magical, magnificent Existence, because this Magical, Spiritual Existence has inspired me in my own way, and I would love for you to have a similar Ultimate Journey Adventure Quest :)

Look around! Nature’s Beauty is the Spirit of Aliveness….

Eye have such awe and wonder

And it leads to…. Living a Cherished Life….

When we take part in embracing life fully, we can see the opportunity to THRIVE in all aspects of what it means to be alive; in body, emotions, mind, spirit, awareness and insight; …It All brings POWER. Power to be healthy, happy, joyous and excited about all we want to be in this world…and beyond :)



  1. the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal. (Google’s Definition)The very Word has increased in use since the 1960’s. This is promising. It shows we are becoming more conscious of what true health is. What truth of our being is.Now let’s recognize that WELLNESS is a term and it is the REALIZATION of Wellness comes from beliefs, intentions and actions. When we become Conscious of our lives and the world and beyond, we come into RESONANCE with an Understanding that there is more going on in this beautiful existence, and in that BEAUTY; All things are CONNECTED.Therefore, let us take a deeper look into what CONSCIOUS WELLNESS IS. It is a PERSPECTIVE; a coming into VIBRATION with Consciousness for taking care of ourselves in all aspects of what it means to be ALIVE! Body, Mind, Spirit, Emotions & Aspiration to Live our Dreams.

I am happy we are here, together.