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Hello World!

Thankyou for being here.

As a Passionate Artist, Author, Actress & Moviemaker, I Love to help bridge an understanding of Spirit & Science for I wholly believe that we have the power within us to live lives of deep fulfillment.

My name is Jocelyn Anna and since receiving a Psychology degree with a focus on commonalities of religion and the essence of their message, I have been on a quest to understand the world and our place in it.

I fully admit that life is a journey that comes in waves of highs and lows, yet I (finally) found that we don’t have to tread the waters from below the surface, gasping for air. We can arise above and soar the landscape of our life journeys with ease and flow.

We each have a unique soul blueprint, and I am soooo excited to share this with you! It helps us live authentically within our genetic DNA, allowing us to see why we are the way we are (literally, unique among this omnipresent, divine, consciousness of existence).

Learning our Human-Soul Design opens our potential to co create with the universe in a way we can navigate, while recognizing why children have certain ways of learning and being. How beneficially crucial to their early blossoming of potential to see them for who they are.

If you look at science, and recognize we are already made of atoms and stardust, it truly is humbling to reflect on how magical and awe inspiring it is to exist. When I make time to think about it, it really does lead me to AWBA. The existence of living in Awe, Wonder, Beauty & Appreciation for the living world in which we are a part.

Hello Epic, Majestic Human, of Soul Aligned Essence. Eye see you, Love you, & Honour Your Sweet Soul.

Welcome to Authentic Power for Living a Life Your Dreams Are Made Of.

Are you looking for direction to live a truly fulfilled life?

Are you raising children and wondering how to guide them to live their best version of themselves?

This is the time we’ve been ready for. Now Is The Time to Remember our Power to Create & Live the Highest Vision for ourselves and the planet.

Are You Ready?

You Are Here. You Are Ready.

My Work as an Artist, Author, Actress & Moviemaker

The Drum Maker Documentary (2017)