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With a degree focused on Psychology of the Self, I am dedicated to igniting hearts and minds to live empowered through offering a lens to view and consider this beautiful living world and our place in it.



On set of THE DRUMMAKER documentary

Inspired by indigenous wisdom, I am focused on sharing artful perspectives that re-awaken a sincere reverence for life.

BRIDGING SPIRIT & SCIENCE, Eye share Wisdom and Awareness for living with SACRED PERSPECTIVES in a modern world *Photo: The Drum Maker Trailer

About Me



I am so happy to share "The Legend of Goldilockes, inspired by The Journals of Genevieve Locke".  On her journey, she is  trying to figure out who she wants to  be in this world.  In moving to what was perceived as a new world, she becomes fascinated with a native tribe that shows her a way of life that re-connects her with beauty and abundance of the living world of nature.  *To be followed by 'The Power of Dreams'; an empowering book for inspiring children and youth.



As a Filmmaker, I dive deeper and deeper into how I can share a vision of experiencing life with AWE, WONDER BEAUTY & APPRECIATION (AWBA). To me, film has no limits.  I Enjoy graphics & animation. put with real life  I trust in bridging 'physical' with 'spiritual' to unify  who we truly are in this world.  When I asked the universe honest questions, I received answers and my life has been a journey ever since.   Cosmic Wonder, Natural Beauty.... Witness Magic on the Screen...


I am very happy to connect with you for empowering roles to bring magic to the screen :)

As much as I enjoy the camera * See Demo * & IMBD Acting roles *  I love to meet and work with children and youth.  I am passionate about teaching them skills of presence, confidence and self awareness through the art of acting and storytelling. as well as through my work as an author and filmmaker.

Dear Talented Filmmakers; I love passionate roles of heroines and real legends who live emotional lives... as well as real people experiencing real emotions.  Let's Create Magic. 

EMPOWERING the rising generation of young leaders

Live Events, Book Signings, Classes & Coaching

Specializing with children, youth, families and visionaries who want to live their passion & live their dream.

I welcome Communities that want to deepen in these powerful messages so we inspire, empower & co-create magic.


Confidence & Self Awareness Classes with Acting and Writing Skills

Through arts of acting and crafting stories, we explore and learn about the power of attention and intention to create and live our dreams.  I work directly with you, to fit your needs.  

Speech Topics

*Empowering Young Leaders 

Beyond the screen of technology
~Instilling Confidence, Presence & Appreciation for Living with Sacred Perspectives in a modern world

*The Power of Dreams
Crafting Our Lives so Dreams meet Reality
~Exploring Attention, Intention and Energy Awareness for living Empowered as Conscious Creators

 *Our Indigenous Roots An experience of Remembering Nature through Metis Culture 

~Remembering the shared Journey of Humanity to Inspire Sacred Perspectives in a modern world  

*Bridging Past and Present
Wisdom and Awareness for Health & Vitality
~Insight into Healthy Habits for Honouring Our Body, Mind and Spirit 

Every Landscape has a Story to Remember

In Honour of the Storyline 'THE LEGEND OF GOLDILOCKES', I suggest watching a Short Film called 'Ceremony of Today'.  Together, in 2009, with an Aboriginal Music Studies program in Vancouver, BC, we share part of a Legacy and Heritage to Remember.  With True Respect & Acknowledgement of Indigenous Wisdom & Culture; in moving forward, let us continue to learn from traditions in harmony with nature.


An introduction to why I care about the world and exploring what it means to live life with sacred appreciation among the modern world.   EYE live in reverence for the World of Majesty. Eye believe in co-creating a world of  our own Creation.  Cosmic Wonder, Natural Beauty.... Appreciating this Living, Breathing World, of ALIVENESS

Eye to the World of Majesty, We Came to Thrive

Thankyou for Being Here

We have the Power to Create the World of our Highest Vision.  Eye Believe in each of us, Embracing an Empowered, Majestic Journey through realizing the Beauty of Life with Awe, Wonder & Appreciation... 

This World is as Magical as we Believe it to Be; See it to See 

So much Love,

Jocelyn Anna *



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